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Friends of Wood Island Light

Friends of Wood Island Light Facts

In 1806, the U.S. government purchased 8 acres at the eastern end of Wood Island in Saco Bay off the coast of what was then Massachusetts. The plans were to build a lighthouse there to help guide mariners into Winter Harbor and to the Saco River.

There was a high volume of seaborne commerce and many fishing vessels working in the vicinity at this time. By 1808, the lighthouse was a functioning beacon.

This octagonal wood structure was sheathed with shingles and stood to a height of 45' from base to floor of the lantern room. It was equipped with a set of hanging spider lamps and an eclipser, which caused the light to be seen as a flashing light.

To restore and preserve an important local landmark, the Wood Island Lighthouse, for the enrichment and enjoyment of area residents, visitors and future generations.

To document and preserve the historical significance of the lighthouse and honor the men and women who served as its caretakers.

To foster community involvement and appreciation for Wood Island Lighthouse through public access and education.

We have launched a fund-raising campaign to finance the restoration effort. The lighthouse is structurally sound, but much work is needed to put it into stable and attractive condition.

Our construction is made more difficult by the island limitations. Consequently, we need to raise a significant sum of money to restore it and to maintain it for the future.